Boat Airdopes 138 - Features, Specifications & Price


Boat Airdopes 138

Looking for Boat Airdopes 138 wireless earbuds ? Check out about the features, price, and where to buy Boat Airdopes 138. Boat Airdopes 138 Android smartphone. Announced. Features Battery Life, Audio Quality, Compatibility.

Boat is one brand that stands out when it comes to good Airdopes. We see many better products from headphones to earbuds, which fit comfortably and there is no problem in using them for a long time. boat airdopes 138 This is one such product that is becoming increasingly popular with music enthusiasts and tech enthusiasts. In this article, we will learn about the features, specifications and price of boat airdopes 138 and see what makes it different from others.

Boat Airdopes 138 Wireless Earbuds, black

Boat Airdopes 138 - Features and Specifications

Lets see the table of specification about boat airdopes 138

Specification Example
Brand BoAt
Model Boat Airdopes 138
Type Wireless Earbuds
Driver 13mm
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz
Compatibility All Bluetooth Devices
Charging Time 2 Hours
Noise Cancellation Yes, noise sensor technology
Battery Life Upto 12 Hours hours, battery capacity of 40mAh
Charging Charging Voltage 5VDC,Charging Time 2 Hours
Weight -
Colors black, Lightpink, Steelblue, IvoryWhite

Design and Build Quality:

Airdopes 138 is available in three different colours. The design will look very beautiful and the quality will also look much better when you compare the price with some other company.

Battery Life:

While buying Airdopes, it is very important to get an idea of how long the battery can last, talk about Boat Airdopes 138, you get to see its battery much better, you can listen to nonstop music for 12 hours. In Airdopes 138 you get 40mah battery capacity, due to which you can use it for a long time.

Audio Quality:

If we compare Airdopes with wire headphones, then you find wire headphones to be better performers, but if we talk about Airdopes through blurtooth, then you get better sound quality in this product.


In this case, you have been given much better design quality to fit the songs sonically. Due to the different shapes, it can give you a good experience even after using it for a long time.

Boat Airdopes 138 - Price

In the market you will see its price of Rs 2990 but if you buy it with the help of online shopping then you can buy it with ofer for Rs 1,499 today. It is not possible to tell till when you will get this offer, don't come on it today. So if you like it then buy it soon.

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