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A huge discount of up to 50% is being given on Jio cinema subscription plans. JioCinema Premium includes three different plans. The discounts being given include a 40% discount on one plan, a 50% discount on the second plan and a 51% discount on the third plan.

JioCinema subscription plans

To strengthen the connection with the customers, a huge discount is being given in the Jio Cinema subscription plans for the people using the Jio Cinema app. Jio has quietly given this discount to its customers without any big announcement. However, it has not been disclosed for how long this offer will last. Currently, this offer is being given to all the new users and old users who become Jio Cinema premium.

jio cinema subscription plans

jio cinema subscription plansPlan jiocinema price
Primium Monthly1 MonthRs - 29 (51%off)
Primium Annual12 MonthsRs- 299 (50%Off)
Family 1 MonthRs- 89 (40% Off)

The new JioCinema plans are being offered with discounts in three different categories. For a few days, JioCinema subscription cost is being discounted by 51% on Jio Cinema monthly plan. Due to which you can activate this plan at the new price of ₹29 of the Premium Monthly plan. By purchasing this premium plan, you can enjoy JioCinema ad-free movies and web series.

In the second premium plan, a discount is being given to Jio Cinema users for 12 months in which Jio Cinema users can watch ad-free content for 1 year for Rs 299. Up to 50% discount is given in this plan. Most users are likely to prefer to join Jio with this plan.

Family plan has been included in Jio Cinema new subscription, 40% discount has been given in this plan. After giving discount, you can watch ad free content on Jio Cinema for Rs 89.

On my jio cinema, users are given different facilities through free and premium content. My Jio Cinema provides features to users who download in 4K and on mobile. It is mandatory for users who want to watch JioCinema ad free to buy a premium plan. On most OTT platforms, features for 4K videos and downloads are provided on premium plans. Due to the new plan of jio cinema premium, the OTT platform has become the lowest charging app in India. This time, compared to the OTT platforms Netflix, Zee5 and Hotstar, JioCinema plans are being given to users at a much lower price.

According to the company's website, there is no difference in the price for those who buy one month and 12 month plans. Earlier, these plans were being offered at the same price. The facility of watching ad-free content and 4K resolution is provided in this plan. Users can download the content for offline viewing and enjoy the offline facility.

The new plans have been made much cheaper than the old plans as almost half of the discount is being given in two plans. For the first time, such a big discount is being given on any platform to enable customers to enjoy new OTT releases. Due to this discount on the OTT platform, the buyer is going to benefit a lot. For new customers, Jio Cinema Monthly Plan becomes profitable to choose JioCinema plans with a better option as the price has been reduced considerably.

In this new family plan, the premium plan can be availed with four devices. Information about the features offered on the annual plan has not been given on the official website. Ads-free on monthly plan, 4K quality features on single use and Download for Watch Anytime are being given in the monthly plan special offer. It is likely that most people will come forward to avail the special offer with the premium monthly plan.


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