Oppo Reno 12 Series Advanced Features And Powerful Launch


Oppo Reno 12 series is going to be available to buyers in India very soon. The smartphone includes AI features like A Clear Voice, A Record Summary. This new smartphone device Oppo Reno 12 and Reno 12 Pro 5G has MediaTek Dimensity 7300-Energy chipset. The smartphone has a 50-megapixel lens triple rear camera.

oppo reno 12 series

After a long wait, the Oppo Reno 5G series is ready with various features for the customers of India. The smartphone is likely going to be launched by July 12. However, its exact information has been confirmed by the company. The Oppo Reno 5G series to be launched includes two devices, Oppo Reno 12 5G and Oppo Reno 12 Pro 5G Android smartphones.

According to the report of Twitter hashtag #opporeno12series, the OPPO RENO 12 5G smartphone to be released in India will be available with 8GB RAM and 256 GB variants. The next variant of the smartphone i.e. OPPO RENO 12 PRO 5G will see two specifications in which 12GB RAM + 512GB Storage and 12GB RAM + 256GB storage options are expected.

The general trace of the phone has been made available for viewing on the Oppo India and Flipkart websites. Which helps in confirming the smartphone.

Oppo Reno 12 Series Qualities

Recently, a teaser of the smartphone has been launched on Oppo India and Flipkart, which shows that the Nokia series is going to be launched in the market soon. In which it is seen that AI clear voice, writing and AI powered features are expected to be included in a better form. The smartphone is going to be given in two different variant models.

The upcoming smartphone is designed to make an impression with stunning design and new features including significant AI performance. The smartphone will show different options for AI videos and photos.

Both models of the smartphone will come with a triple rear camera setup, which includes a 50-megapixel front camera two 50-megapixel cameras, and an 18-megapixel ultra wide angle lens camera in the rear camera. Its separate specification includes a 5000mAh battery with an 80W SuperVOOC fast charging facility. However, there is a possibility of getting a 45W charger in the box.

Oppo Reno 12 5G series is going to be seen through its first series release with value features and improved form of photography and AI features. The Reno 12 pro 5g will see variants with different specifications in variants.

Due to the use of artificial intelligence, the smartphone will have AI-generated photos along with editing tools and AI clear face. These pictures will be visible in the camera. Due to these features, the need for many editing tools will be eliminated.

AI writing has been better streamlined with the help of AI Speak to make writing skills in smartphones detailed and accurate. With the help of AI Clear Voice, many external producers will be able to take advantage of Clear Voice by reducing the noise while talking on the phone.

With the help of AI Clear Face, photos will be improved to a great extent including opening closed eyes, removing foreign elements, adjusting brightness, and removing shadows in the photo, such friendly features will help in maintaining the beauty of smartphone photos.

Some powerful AI features have been used to increase the battery life in the smartphone Oppo Reno 12 series. The smartphone has the capacity of charging up to 100% in 46 minutes with an 80W charger. According to the information received, some safe and friendly experiments have been done to maintain the life of the battery up to 4 years.

At present, information about the price of Oppo Reno 12 will be available, at present no official information has been given by the company about the price.

oppo reno 12 price

The Oppo Reno 12 series assures buyers of new features and powerful smartphones that satisfy the expectations of those looking for the latest smartphones from OPPO.


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