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In January 2024, republic day sale lovers are in for a treat with a bunch of exciting Product coming to both fipkart and Amazon platforms. There is going to be a chance to buy many favorite products at discount.

This sale has been displayed on the Amazon platform with the name of Great Republic Day Sale. The sale on Flipkart shopping platform has been displayed as Republic day sale. The launch is being done on the same day on both the platforms.

republic day sale 2024

Amazon republic day sale 2024

The sale is going to start on the Amazon platform on January 13, and will be visible on many different products till January 18. It will start at 12:00 noon on Amazon platform. Among the discounts given, huge discounts will be seen on electronic gadgets. Students can get a discount of up to Rs 40,000 on laptop purchases. 70% discount can be expected on speakers and headphones.

Republic day sale, amazon:- 30% discount is going to be available for camera buyers for photography. For those interested in storage capacity, they can expect discounts of up to 70% on gadgets like pendrives, hard disk, SSD. You will get a discount of up to 50% for purchasing a printer for office work and for your home. For people who want an iPhone 13, they can buy this phone within Rs 50000.

This sale has brought a special discount for people who like smartwatches, in which different smartwatches will be made available for purchasing smartwatches from Rs 899 onwards. As usual, huge discounts will be seen on mobiles in which up to 40% discount is going to be available on mobiles. For OnePlus fans, many OnePlus models under Rs 30,000 are available at huge discounts. For people looking for discounts and savings, they can get further discounts by using bank offers, credit cards and debit cards.

To see the discounts given, create your account on the Amazon platform and search for the product you want discount on. If you can avail the benefit of a bank offer or credit card offer for discount, then avail it. 10% discount on bank offer is being given on different products. You can save up to Rs 5000 on credit cards.

Fipkart republic day sale 2024

Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2024 is starting for people who want to buy at a discount. Flipkart Republic Day Sale 2024 is starting on 13th January at 12:00 noon, and this sale will end on 19th January 2024.

For people who pay attention to their face, discounts of up to 85% are being given on beauty products. In this, discounts are going to be available on products for both women and men.

Some better discounts are being given by Flipkart for the buyers, in which the first discount will be seen on smartphones. Discounts ranging from 50% to 80% are being given on clothes.

Up to 80% discount is going to be available on such products like TV, electronic devices, Ipad, and trimmers. Home & Kitchen Essentials products are available for purchase at discounts starting at Rs 49.

In this sale, up to 50% discount is being given on shoes and 60% to 90% discount is being given on ethnic jewelry. People who like watch collections are going to get discounts ranging from 50% to 80%.

It is hoped that all the buyers will have got important information about the Republic Day sale date in 2024. Stay tuned for information about discounts and products. Wait for our new block post for things available at better discounts on Republic Day sale, in which along with better products, good discount products will be brought for you.

Republic day flight sale

Republic day flight sale will be seen during the Flipkart sale on Republic Day. At present, the discounts available till now have not been announced by Flipkart.

During Flipkart sale, you can book flight for Rs 1,299. For this, Flipkart is giving discounts through different codes. International flights can be booked for Rs 4,999, and domestic flights can be booked for Rs 1,299.

Flight Booking (CONDITIONS Applied)code
international Flightsरु 4,999 FLYFK
Domestic flightsरु1,499FKDOM


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