Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro Price Features Specs


Samsung's galaxy buds 3 and galaxy buds 3 pro are comfortable and lightweight, its slim and stylish design is one of the best options. It is a good option for those who use buds for a long time as well as for travelers. Some additional features have been given in it. So if you are looking for beautiful and better buds, which can be used easily and can take advantage of different features, then you can consider this.

galaxy buds 3 pro

Galaxy Buds 3 & Galaxy Buds 3 Pro: Connectivity is the most important feature of earbuds. The new Galaxy Buds 3 series from Samsung has many different special features and the capabilities have been enhanced with the help of new technology AI. To provide quality to the consumer, the benefit of good calls has been given by removing different outside sounds with the help of EQ and ANC. There is an option to choose two colors for both the models. The main colors include Silver and White. Connectivity with Galaxy devices has been provided with the help of AI features for live translation.

The new design of Galaxy Buds 3 Pro has a stylish look, which has Blade Lights with iconic design. The sound has been optimized in a much better way. Comfortable fitting has been improved for long-term use. You can control it very easily with the help of fingerprint. The control connectivity of the earbuds helps in easy control without using your phone repeatedly. By using the right method, you can benefit from much better and speedy control.

To control the volume of the earbuds, you can adjust the volume by swiping up and swiping down. For this, the volume is increased by swiping up on the blade of the earbuds and the volume is reduced by swiping down. The facility of clear sound has been provided in the control process.

Both earbuds have a clear traffic sound. Its important use is felt while listening to songs and talking on the phone. Wind Shield, Blade Light, Swipe and pinch control are visible on the body of the earbuds for viewing and controlling.

Hearing experience gets a chance to experience some main features in earbuds, in which with the help of AI, the sound is automatically improved and adjusted by using the sound coming from outside and the external sound of the air in the earbuds placed in the ears. Due to this, by providing comfortable fit and AI better solution to external sound, these earbuds help the consumers a lot in using them.

If we look at the specifications of galaxy buds 3 and galaxy buds 3 pro, then you can use ANC Off upto 7/30h and ANC On upto 6/26h. It supports Bluetooth version 5.4. IP57 water resistance support is provided to avoid water and dust. If we look at the weight, the case weighs 46.5 g and the earbuds weigh 5.4 g.

In different features, Buds3 pro has 2 way speaker and Buds 3 has 1 way speaker. Both have ANC, HQ features. Adaptive Noise Control is not available in the specification of Buds 3 which is given in the features of Pro. If we look at Blade Lights, it is given in Pro and Blade Lights feature is not given in Buds 3. Auto Switch, Bluetooth Ver., Samsung Find, Durability, 360 Audio are common features found in the specifications of both.


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